An Introduction to Probability: Theory and its Applications Volume 1


Author : William Feller
Publication : Wiley India Pvt. Ltd.

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? Introduction: The Nature of Probability Theory ? The Sample Space ? Elements of Combinatorial Analysis ? Fluctuations in Coin Tossing and Random Walks ? Combination of Events ? Conditional Probability ? Stochastic Independence ? The Binomial and Poisson Distributions ? The Normal Approximation to the Binomial Distribution ? Unlimited Sequences of Bernoulli Trials ? Random Variables ? Expectation ? Laws of Large Numbers ? Integral Valued Variables ? Generating Functions ? Compound Distributions ? Branching Processes ? Recurrent Events ? Renewal Theory ? Random Walk and Ruin Problems ? Markov Chains ? Algebraic Treatment of Finite Markov Chains ? The Simplest Time-Dependent Stochastic Processes ? Answers to Problems


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